Linking Past, Present and Future together at the Tan Chin Tuan Tea for Scholars

8 Feb 2010, Panorama: A Publication of Hwa Chong Institution

As part  of the tête-à-tête series hosted by the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, twenty Tan Chin Tuan Scholars, both past and present, were invited to tea at the majestic Tan Chin Tuan Mansion. The scholars and their families mingled with various representatives from communities such as Hologen Foundation, the Storeytelling Association, the National Volunteer and philanthropy Centre and the National Council of Social Service.

Alumni Giving

31 Dec 2009, NTU Annual Report 2009

A record number of alumni gave to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) last year, with over 5,600 individual gifts received.

Hospital in Nias island opens

6 Dec 2009, The Sunday Times

The new Stella Maris Hospital General Hospital was largely funded by the Tidal Waves Asia Fund collected by the Singapore Red Cross for the 2004 tsunami victims. Other private donars include the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, which led the Singapore-Indonesian effort.

Reliving tsunami, page by page

6 Dec 2009, The Sunday Times

Red Cross launches book on rehabilitation and reconstruction of disaster-hit areas.

Going Beyond Giving

1 Dec 2009, Zaobao Bao Zhi

Giving money to people is just one way of helping them. But to be effective, a philanthropic foundation must be proactive in helping to build networks and get people connected.

Singapore lauded for its dedication to peace

3 Nov 2009, Straits Times

It is one of 18 nations feted for commitment to achieving peace at home and abroad.