Old chair gives new hope

15 Feb 2009, Sunday Times

Having yusheng is a uniquely Singaporean way to celebrate Chinese New Year. Traditionally, the dish is served on the seventh day of the New Year – known as ren re, or Man’s Day in Chinese – to celebrate the creation of man on this auspicious day.

YMCA-Tan Chin Tuan Community Service Programme

12 Feb 2009, SALT No.26

It’s Christian voluntary welfare organisation, it’s a hostel, its also an orchid. It’s all of these and so much more, and the YMCA of Singapore has a 106-year-old history to prove it.

No Cuts, More Giving Say Foundations

9 Feb 2009, SALT no.27

The news is good from three of Singapore’s family Foundations. All say there will be no cut back in funding or programmes. But while grants are set to increase in the year ahead, these Foundations view the recession as another reason to closely examine how well they give, and how well their grants are used by beneficiaries.

Foundations set aside more for rough year

17 Jan 2009, Straits Times

CHARITABLE foundations are preparing for the rough year ahead, with some increasing their budgets and efficiency measures to meet what they know will be greater needs.

Man who changed maths

27 Dec 2008, Straits Times

A discovery almost four decades ago has made Professor Louis Chen a well-known figure in the world of science. The mathematician is famed for his development of the Chen-Stein Method, used widely in the study of molecular biology, computer science, and economics.

Flight of the donor dollar

9 Dec 2008, Business Times

THE downturn has come home to bite Singapore’s ‘home for the Arts’ as donors turn coy over their spending. The Substation expects a 50 per cent drop in corporate donations and sponsorships – which stand at about half-a-million dollars – said general manager Julie Englefield. She noted that nine out of 10 of its top donors are in the financial services and one major corporate sponsor has seen business going down by 20 per cent.