Grand old 114, going by her identity card

21 Nov 2008, Straits Times

Madam Lau eats simple meals, drinks herbal tonic and loves durian.

Enrolled nurses gain recognition for effort

21 Nov 2008, 938 Live Report

They worked round the clock to save lives and help patients recover faster. In recognition of their effort and talents, ten outstanding enrolled nurses have been conferred the coveted Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award.

Charity funding that is recession proof

15 Nov 2008, 938 Live Report

Conventional thinking dictates that companies should tighten their belts during economic downturns. And one of the first things to go, is support for charities.

少年旅爱心礼物箱活动 首次面对营运成本问题

14 Nov 2008, Lianhe Zaobao

尽管金融海啸席卷全球,已举行了20年的少年旅爱心礼物箱活动今年照常举行,要收集多份食品与家庭用品,协助实现近三万名新加坡人的愿望。不过,因为受金融危机影响,主办当局首次面对营运成本问题,目前已筹募的经费只有所需的一半。 为使第21届少年旅爱心礼物箱活动能顺利进行,当局须筹得约25万元活动经费,以支付货仓储存费、交通费、行政费等等。这些费用向来由企业赞助。


8 Nov 2008, Lianhe Zaobao

Tan Chin Tuan Foundation grants birthday wishes of 19 centenarians

27 Oct 2008, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: The Tan Chin Tuan Foundation is celebrating the birth centennial of the late banker and philanthropist Dr Tan Chin Tuan by granting the wishes of those aged 100 and above in seven nursing homes.

Among the 19 centenarians, one wished to have a “Tiger Balm” while another wanted a dozen cans of milk powder.

For four other centenarians, all they wanted was lunch and a party for all their friends, plus a special treat of durians.