Mr Rock Solid

22 Jan 2006, Sunday Times

When the late philanthropist and banking pioneer Tan Chin Tuan went to work, he had four to five attache cases with him, recalled Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean yesterday.

Tan Chin Tuan’s knack for good buys

21 Nov 2005, Straits Times

The late Mr Tan always looked for financially sound firms with good growth, profit potential.

Tan Chin Tuan Banking pioneer

20 Nov 2005, Straits Times

The former OCBC chairman was as famous for his philanthropy as for his banking achievements.

Dr Tony Tan – We will never forget TCT

18 Nov 2005, Lianhe Zaobao

Family, friends bid farewell to Tan Chin Tuan

18 Nov 2005, Straits Times

Over 180 mourners from all walks of life pay tribute at service of ex-OCBC chairman.

He went out of his way to help those in trouble

18 Nov 2005, Straits Times

Former DPM Tony Tan, in a eulogy to his late uncle yesterday, remembered how Tan Chin Tuan made an impact in the corporate world, and also how, as a private individual, he provided assistance to family members and others.